Zimbabwe on top again. . .Among 10 most sought-after destinations for UK-based tourists

Natasha Chamba, Business Reporter 

INTERNATIONAL holiday rental search engine, HomeToGo, has named Zimbabwe among the top 10 trending destinations for United Kingdom-based tourists. 

Due to its irresistible tourist attractiveness, the country has been ranked number six out of the 10 best places to visit.

The search engine said the destinations were chosen based on the year-on-year increases in searches in January 2019 compared to January 2018.

“Interest in traditional European summer holiday destinations like Italy and Spain is declining. Our data shows that travellers are instead seeking out more distant and unusual destinations,” said HomeToGo.

Three of the top 10 destinations are in Africa, “which is a rapidly growing tourism industry”, and Zimbabwe is part of the trio that includes Ghana and Madagascar.

HomeToGo believes that Zimbabwe, as a nation, has a lot to offer, which includes good hospitability, beautiful landscapes, wildlife and great eco-tourism opportunities.

“Zimbabwe has so much to offer. The growing numbers of British tourists heading there this summer will find a warm, welcoming culture, spectacular landscapes and wildlife, and great eco-tourism opportunities.

“Go hiking in the beautiful Eastern Highlands, take a sustainable safari in one of the huge national parks, or explore the ruins of the medieval Kingdom of Zimbabwe, one of the biggest civilisations in pre-colonial Africa,” said HomeToGo.

“Nature holidays and eco-tourism destinations are big trends for summer 2019. British travellers are increasingly environmentally conscious and are seeking out more meaningful and memorable travel experiences rather than traditional beach holidays.”

The tourism industry in Zimbabwe last year saw a positive growth, with the sector recording a growth of six percent from 2, 4 million visitors in 2017 to 2, 6 million.

The numbers are set to rise this year, with an estimate of three million tourists likely to visit the country.

The country recently won an award for the most sustainable tourist destination at the International Tourism Bourse in Germany and was also voted as the third must-visit destination after Sri Lanka and Germany.

National Geographic has also acknowledged the country as one of the prime tourist destinations in the world.