The Boma’s enchanted cultural feasts

A guest joins in the fun at The Boma at Victoria Falls Safari Lodge Resort

By Nason Mutambaneshiri
VICTORIA FALLS –  The Boma – Place of Eating, located on the Victoria Falls Safari Lodge Resort, is serving enchanted cultural feasts that have diners pledging to return for more.

Its feasts of nightly cultural entertainment dining experiences, in particular, offer an unforgettable unique voyage into African tradition and Zimbabwean cuisine.

Victoria Falls Safari Lodge Resort
A guest joins in the fun at The Boma at Victoria Falls Safari Lodge Resort

Dinners are invited to dress in ‘chitenges’ – traditional sarong, get their faces painted and taken through a hand washing ceremony as part of the welcoming rituals.
They are then freed to sample customary snacks including traditional opaque beer.
A feast of nightly entertainment is a cultural fest of sorts as it incorporates traditional dance, folk storytelling and fortunetelling for those with the heart for it.
Amakwezi dancers after often the first to open the performances as they dance around diners’ tables in their colorful traditional costumes with thumping music offering a lively background to the storyteller’s tales.
Shangaan and Ndebele dancers and singers add to the fun with their energetic performances and would invite diners to join on the dance floor.
Zambezi bongo drummers offer the grand finale and even provide an opportunity for dinners to join in the fun by offering a drum to every guest who wishes to add to the music.
“The food, dancing and bongo drums at the Victoria Falls’ Boma was a real highlight of our trip to Africa.
“From the moment we arrived, we were treated to friendly, happy and authentic Zimbabwean culture. Being invited to take part in some dancing and drumming was just fantastic,” said a Czech Republican traveller.
He said his hope to experience the country’s culture, specifically the lifestyle of the Zimbabwean people, their history, their art, architecture and religion was a huge success because of how the hospitality industry is incorporating cultural aspects to it.
Meanwhile, there is a growing intent to improve cultural tourism by showcasing local traditions in strategic institutions and facilities like museums and theatres.
The country is also encouraging indigenous communities to open up on their traditions by allowing visitors to attend its festivals and important rituals as well as sharing their values and lifestyle by allowing tourists right into their homes.