Schools to compensate for lost time due to Covid-19 – Govt



SCHOOLS will compensate for lost time to ensure that they meet the required learning time for an academic year following their closure in March due to Covid-19.

Learners failed to complete their first school term following the closure of all educational institutions on March 24.

Addressing a UNDP and Higherlife Foundation organised media training webinar, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information, Media and Broadcasting Services Nick Mangwana said learners are however still expected to meet the number of days for 2020 to be recognised as a complete school year.

An academic year or school year is a period of time which schools, colleges and universities use to measure a quantity of study which ranges from 170 to 200 internationally.

Zimbabwe is unable to use online learning platforms to resume learning as the majority of learners do not have access to relevant technology.

Mangwana said the country’s best prospect for online learning – Ruzivo, has 1.5 million learners against a learning population of around 3.6 million.

“We still need to bring people to classes and whatever number of days that have been lost in the current school calendar would have to be covered.

“It may mean that (for example) if we are going to open schools in around maybe August and go all the way to Christmas with no breaking between.

“I am not saying this is what we are going to do but we are still talking so that we ensure learners recover,” said Mangwana.

He added that the education ministry was exploring ways of allowing those learners to use online facilities to continue with their education until it is safe to use physical classrooms.

“The ministry of primary and secondary education is working to ensure that those who can do things online right now can continue learning,” he added.



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