Relief over Vumba road repairs

By Norma Tsopo
VUMBA – Vumba hoteliers have expressed relief as government resurfaces their pothole-riddled road which for long had been a blot on their clientele’s experiences of this internationally famed tourist destination.

Vumba mountain views
Vumba Mountain’s spectacular views were increasingly being shunned due to poor accessibility

They had been crying hoarse at the terrible state of road on exit of Mutare to the spectacular Vumba Mountain.
Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA) has for years been pushing to have the road repaired which initially was stalled because of squabbles over whose jurisdiction potions of the road were between Mutare City and the ministry responsible for roads.
Inns of Zimbabwe official Gordon Addams said the resurfacing of the road was long overdue.
“The road was now in a terrible state and we need to commend government for finally availing resources to its repairs,” Addams said.
White Horse Inn’s Frank Marembo said they were expecting an upturn in clients to the international acclaimed tourist enclave.
“The repairs are a definite catalyst to increased tourist traffic as it is virtually the only means of accessing the Vumba other than helicopter.
“Of late people were beginning to shun the Vumba citing bad roads as one of their reasons,” Marembo said.
Hoteliers were feeling isolated as the road infrastructure had become hostile to their objectives and would kill the mood of holidaying.
“The road is completely not supportive of our efforts of making the Vumba the prime tourist destination of choice,” Marembo said before the repairs begun.