Poetry performance earns girl army scholarship 

By Farai Shawn Matiashe
MUTARE – A six year old Dangamvura girl won herself an army scholarship to cover her primary education after stunning audiences at the recently held Heroes Day commemorations and Zimbabwe Defence Forces Day celebrations with enthralling poetry performances.
Vimbainashe Hwerekwere performed a poem titled: The seeds that fell on a fertile ground, written by local poet Raymond Makuwaza.

Vimbainashe Hwerekwere
Brilliant: Young Vimbainashe Hwerekwere won herself a primary level scholarship with a dazzling poetry performance recently

Minister of State for Manicaland Provincial Affairs Mandiitawepi Chimene announced the scholarship award after quick consultations with 3 Infantry Brigade commander.
‘’Every single line meant something so powerful. I had a discussion with the 3 Infantry Brigade Commander, Brigadier General Lazarus Gutu concerning Vimbainashe and he promised the brigade will cover her primary level education. She is going to be enrolled at 3 Infantry Brigade Primary School,” Chimene said.
Makuwaza said the four minute long poem was a personification of Zimbabwe.
‘’I am an environmentalist and as I was planting my trees I started to view Zimbabwe as a tree. This nation is as big as a tree with so many components. Tracing back to how Zimbabwe became such a big tree, we can see that there were seeds and these seeds represents the liberation war heroines and heroes, said Makuwaza.
The poem illustrated the country’s welfare through the theme of seasons and growth among others.
‘’The tree go through changes as seasons changes. For instance, there was a time where three was economic growth and prosperity and economic instability but the tree remained there, ‘’ said Makuwaza.
Anna Muparutsa, Vimbainashe’s mother said she was overwhelmed by her daughter’s performance.
‘’I feel so excited by Vimbainashe. She has uplifted me and has done us proud. I cannot even believe tit considering that she is still at early Childhood Development (ECD) level. I see future in her, ‘’ said Muparutsa.
She said her daughter worked tirelessly as she practiced this poem daily after school with the help of an unnamed early childhood development teacher whom the family paid.