Musangano Lodge’s stellar murder mystery interactive dinner!

There was no telling who among the guests were actors or paying guests

Staff Writer
MUTARE – Musangano Lodge hosted an interactive murder mystery dinner show engaging their guests in an investigative thriller as they feasted on a fantastic four-course plated dinner.  
It was quite a journey!
An exciting and unique evening of suspense, intrigue and adventure, the show has everyone guessing till the very end.

Guests laugh their lungs out during the performance

True to the intents of a murder mystery party, Roberta Wagner who was directing the show, managed to remove her guests from the toils and bothers of their everyday life and immerse them in this detective theatre thriller.
The drama has a late 1920’s Chicago setting during a time it was overrun by mobsters.

There was no telling who among the guests were actors or paying guests

All guests were then presumed to having had been invited by Don “Spudsy” Malone to help him celebrate the invention of his new potato alcohol drink.
However, not long after the party starts, the “big potato” is found dead in his study, shot by one of his guests!

This then made every diner a suspect and challenged their investigative intuition as they began to put together the puzzle pieces in the enthralling murder mystery voyage.
With guests dressed up and actors planted randomly across the oval table setting and with every guest having to introduce themselves it was tough trying to separate actors from ordinary guests.

With everyone dressed up for the 1920s look there was no telling who the guests and who the actors were

The interactive theatre experience allowed them to participate alongside with the actors as the enigmatic plot unfolds.
Wagner’s fine cast of character portrayal artists were then left with the unenviable task of trying to keep the story line on track by weaving in and out of the un-scripted roles that guests were throwing into the story.
More reserved guests would try to follow and solve the murder in their heads but not without being invited to at least play a brief role as the night wore on.

Guests relaxing just before dinner

Stretching for over two-hours, the play was lifelike with some guests failing to isolate the six actors except the narrator who also conducted the acting orchestra.
The cast included Billy Bada Bing – the Mob Leader played by Francis Nyakuhwa, Sam Annella – Restaurant Owner portrayed by John Mujamba, Bella Burlesque – Dancer and Escort played by Amanda Ranganawa, Mo Down – Spudsy’s Irish sister professional executed by Charmaine Mujeri, Tony Triceps – the Henchman played by Shingirai Manyengavana and Candy Capish his cheating wife acted by Cristabel Banda then the narrator which was executed flawlessly by Farirai Borerwe.
Tickets were $49 with beer and wine available for an additional charge.
The level of active participation was completely up to the individual but with the guaranteed curiosity of trying to figure out who the killer was among those with whom one was sitting with around the table everyone took part in the murder mystery.
And no, I’m not going to divulge who the killer was and spoil the fun for a future repeat of the interactive murder mystery show!