Miracles abound at Zimbabwe’s Hot Springs

By Norma Tsopo
CHIMANIMANI – Like the biblical pool of Bethsaida, Nyanyadzi Hot Spring is famed for treating a raft of debilitating infirmities. They grant wishes even, locals say.
But it is its famed miracle healing potency that has people flocking to it from across the country.
There is also a mystic aura of what else it offers.
Exiting the ground at well over 90 degrees Celsius, the main spring is believed to grant wishes in exchange for pennies. It has heard thousands of wishes and murmured prayers considering the thick layer of coins in its boiling pool.

Coins offered to the hot spring in exchange for supernatural breakthroughs litter the floor of the boiling pool at Nyanyadzi Hot Springs

But the magic does not end here.
Water from the main pool pours into a second which itself is said to have bad luck cleansing powers with a simple face wash.
Standing in the third much cooler pool is famed for curing various foot ailments. There is however need for tact in standing in the pool as one will need to be still as fidgeting would result in scalding adding to the mysticism of the hot spring’s triad of pools.
The second and third pools that are famed for having cleansing and healing powers respectively

A local tour guide brags of hundreds of testimonies of the lives that were transformed with the visit to the pools.
The guide also recounted a reported case of an elderly couple that travelled over 600 km from Gokwe with their two-year-old grandchild who had not started walking due to chapped soles which had failed to yield to modern medicine.
It only took the child six months to be completely healed and the elderly couple made a point of driving back with the completely healthy and bubbly girl whom site staff could not recognise for hyperactivity and exuberant running rings around the place.
“One of our staff at this resort who had seen her broke down and cried,” a media report quotes a site guide as saying.
The accommodation facility at the resort has no electricity powered geysers as it has adequate supply of hot tap water from the spring.
The resort also has three recreational pools where visitors can swim in – a hit in winter.
Lying less than 10 metres from the Masvingo – Mutare highway the hot springs are accessible even by public transport making it one of the easiest tourist resorts to access.
Although a high security presence around it as it lies across Odzi river from the world famous Chiadzwa diamond fields had dulled its sparkle as a resort destination although it has remained open to the public the formalisation of diamond extraction is bringing back its glitter.