Leopard Rock Hotel donates 10% of over a month’s revenue to Cyclone Idai victims

By Norma Tsopo

Cambria Africa-owned Leopard Rock Hotel has pledged to donate 10 percent of over a month of its revenue to assist Cyclone Idai victims.

Cambria Africa proprietor Samir Shasha said the money – part of a wider range of donations that include blankets, will be released periodically until the end of April.

Leopard Rock Hotel owner Samir Shasha

“Leopard Rock has committed 10 percent of its revenues until the end of April to assist victims of Cyclone Idai. We will release this regularly.

“We have also acquired some blankets from Waverly to distribute,” Shasha said adding that the top hotel would also offer support in other areas as need arises.

“Please let us know how we can assist particular needs close and far with our limited funds,” he said.

The Vumba hotel joins a long list of hotels that includes Chimanimani Hotel which is housing hundreds of people who were displaced by the deadly cyclone and many others like Forest Hills and Holiday Inn Mutare who made their contributions through Hospitality Association of Zimbabwe.

Hoteliers have generally been at the forefront of relief efforts with government moving a little too slowly for an emergency of this magnitude due to bureaucracy.

Chimanimani Tourist Association has been at the forefront of efforts to offer relief by providing the first helicopter to be used in the area through Chimanimani Farm House proprietors Doug and Tempe van de Ruit who are using the family chopper with its secretary Jane High coordinating everything.