Holiday Inn Mutare empowers old people’s home

Holiday Inn Mutare


HOSPITALITY concern Holiday Inn Mutare has donated chicks and feed to Zororai Old People’s Home (ZOPH) as they break from commonplace festive season charity tradition of delivering food hampers and clothes by introducing a sustainable project.

It donated 200 chicks and sufficient feed to take them to maturity while pledging to buy the chickens once they are ready for the market.

The up-market hotel’s general manager, Charlton Chimbira said their election of the project was rooted in their desire to empower the institution that is often begging for donations to get by.

“Our staff wanted to do something that we could see grow over time and nurture it over time into something bigger. They were not satisfied with bringing foodstuffs that will be consumed and soon run out as many are doing,” Chimbira said.

Hotel staffer, Tsitsi Musikavanhu who handed over the donation that also included cleaning utensils and chemicals including brooms, feather dusters, gloves, hand-andy and antiseptic liquid pledged the hotel’s commitment to buy the chickens from the home.

“We promise that we will be ahead of everyone else to buy the chickens once they mature so that you can grow the project and earn money to meet your other needs,” Musikavanhu said.

Mutare mayor Blessing Tandi who was present at the handover said the thrust was in line with the Mayor’s Christmas Cheer Fund.

“I would like to commend the hotel for adopting a progressive approach to charity which will help recipients empowered to change their circumstances in order to change their circumstances which is what we are also now doing with the Christmas Cheer Fund,” Tandi said.

ZOPH board member Arthur Chinaka said the project would help them to run the home as they have largely been dependent on corporate assistance as government grants were not consistent.

“The support we get from the department of social welfare is far in between and not sufficient to sustain us and we are largely dependent on corporate support from institutions like yourselves, TM, ZRP and Zimra without which we would have long closed,” Chinaka said.

He said the institution with over 20 elderly inmates was worthy of supporting as they had made immerse contributions during the peak of their physical powers in setting up key infrastructure but were receiving insignificant pensions.

“We thank you for remembering these senior citizens some of whom helped build our railway lines, dams from which we continue to draw water and our roads but are receiving nothing to very little pensions that cannot sustain them,” Chinaka said.


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