Gordon’s Select Bed and Breakfast – best of Zimbabwe indeed!

By Norma Tsopo

Urbane. Exquisite. Sophisticated. Classy. Compact. Neat. Gordon’s Select Bed and Breakfast is just recherché.

Situated in the quiet and rather cloistered part of the city – Avenues, this is more than just a place to rest and get a world class breakfast.

The attention to detail in each of the eight bedrooms, bathrooms, verandahs, hallways and dining room betray a hotelier intent on packing over forty years of lessons in hospitality into every minute one says at his facility.

With capacity to host at most 16 people, there is no risk that any guest’s needs can be overlooked.

Each of the eight rooms are effusively furnished and offer all the homely comforts from tea-making equipment and accessories to DSTV and internet.

There is also abundant and secure parking space.

Being a part of Best of Zimbabwe, a collection of leading hospitality operations in Zimbabwe, South Africa, Mozambique and Botswana – is not just a claim to membership to an elite marketing platform but a bold statement of fact of what it offers.

It is also a member of Inns of Zimbabwe.

Gordon's Select Bed and Breakfast (25)Owned and run by veteran hotelier Gordon Addams, the facility is offering more than just affordable and quality accommodation from a city that offers easy access to the country’s eastern highlands’ finest visitor attractions.

The entire facility and especially the hallways are something of an art gallery with beautiful paintings, and sculpts on show. Some are for the places’ beautification but quite a number are for sale.

This is not only the only way the facility is promoting the local community and showcasing its rich and diverse talents.

Its menu of services is also an exhibition of the selfless and friendly character of locals.

Addams is deliberately not offering restaurant services because he wants to both broaden his visitors’ experience in the city and also share the wealth that comes with hosting tourists.

“We try to promote restaurants around us like Mutare Club, Holiday Inn, Portuguese Club, Karen’s Kitchen and Café 111 among others,” a selfless Addams told maDzimbahwe Explorer.

He reasons that there is need “to spread the wealth around” for the relatively small city.

“Mutare is a small community and there are not enough locals who use these restaurants to sustain them so by sharing the business and leisure travelers who come around it benefits everyone,” he opines.

For Addams, the eastern highlands can only bring in more wealth if hospitality industry players do not look at each other as competitors but partners it seems – a big lesson to fellow hospitality industry players.

And indeed it is one of few facilities whose infrastructural design is handicap friendly.

One of the rooms was especially adapted to accommodate guests on wheelchair which at least one other adaptable to persons with such needs.

There are also two rooms that are designed with the capacity to be opened up to become family rooms.

Gordon’s Select Bed and Breakfast clearly succeeds in its envisioned role of offering a ‘welcoming and comfortable upmarket environment for business and leisure travelers to the Eastern Highlands, as well as folk travelling to and from Mozambique’.

Gordon's Select Bed and Breakfast (16)It may be the youngest edition to the city’s accommodation facilities but brings with it revisionist services and infrastructure.

And it will be difficult for anyone who receives Gordon’s services to go elsewhere!