Golden Peacock Villa Hotel Restaurant for a great Chinese food experience

Staff Writer
MUTARE – For a great Chinese food experience, Golden Peacock Villa Hotel Restaurant is a rare find in a city dominated by fast-foot outlets and only a handful of aristocratic eateries.
Because of its desire to appeal to locals, the restaurant pitches itself as having Chinese infusion.

Golden Peacock Villa Hotel Restaurant chefs

Besides Chinese cuisine culinary skills, the chefs are well acquainted to serve French, English, American and African dishes common in most Zimbabwean food outlets.
The restaurant’s exclusive décor with warm colors to invoke a Chinese feel. Its well-coordinated dining experiences are accompanied by all the elements of fantastic international meal standards.
Some of the delicious delicacies from the Chinese menu included homemade fried noodles, fried rice, sizzling beef/chicken and sweet and sour chicken.

Chinese Chef Hunter and Tendai have taken the Chinese cuisine to a higher level. The restaurant’s Executive Chef – Amos, who is the pride of the hotel, has mastered the art of communicating with his dishes. His skills in menu balancing – taste, texture, color and nutrition, is unquestionable. He is one of the best chefs of his generation.
The restaurant is run by Elizabeth – affectionately referred to as Lizzy, revealing the warm up-close and personal feel she offers guests. A selfless, passionate and an ever cheerful leader Lizzy has all the qualities and attributes a maître d’hôtel manifests.
She runs the restaurant with the finesse of the most accomplished orchestra conductor.
The restaurant’s chefs and service team is the biggest asset Golden Peacock Villa Hotel has and they anchor the hotel brand through consistent and near obsessive delivery of ever fresh and sumptuous dishes, creating the unforgettable experience guests talk about months and even years after dining at the hotel.
While accommodation is the hotels’ core business, interestingly it is the food and beverage department that is not only complementing this core product but even shaping the character of the hotel.

Although its target market are leisure – outgoing individuals and families as well as business travelers the sum effect of offering personalized services to individuals and groups has now seen the hotel becoming a popular hub for celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and historical events.
To top this up, the innovative hotel staff has worked together to present several concepts to excite and wow guests. Themes presented and run successfully include Valentine dinner, family fun day and Adam & Eve cocktail and several dinners involving couples.
Guests have been so appreciative that the restaurant is frequently involved in outside catering for families, colleges and other cooperate organizations. The hotel has also embraced the most current specialized world trends in service such as, service situ, guests may have to be served in cars, offices and at the comfort of their homes.
This has successfully rejuvenated the ailing restaurants experience.
The biggest dinning facility can accommodates hundred and ten people in one sitting to add to three more private dining rooms – the Golden Peacock Hall accommodates 20 people, the Great Hall and the Huangshan Mount Hall which accommodate a maximum of 10 people each for private and personalized services.