Enigmatic popular Chipinge Sangoma Sekuru Ndunge dies

Popular Chipinge Sangoma Charles Makwiyana-Ndunge dies

By Norma Tsopo

Enigmatic Chipinge Sangoma Sekuru Charles Makwiyana-Ndunge has passed on.

He was 87.

Ndunge died at his Makwiyana Village home in Southdowns after a long battle with diabetes and is survived by one of his two wives, 12 children – six sons and six daughters and more than 30 grandchildren.

His son Jabulani confirmed the death and said his father will be buried on Wednesday at his home.

Sekuru Ndunge who started his trade in 1948 has dominated the practice of traditional healing with his clientele coming from across the region and internationally.

Hundreds of people would queue at his homestead daily to enquire for his services.

Jabulani said his father would get cars from some of his clients as his trade attracted people who sought to have their fortunes change in relationships, workplaces, grow their businesses and bank balances as well as curse their enemies steeping his trade into the dark arts of witchcraft.

It is this dimension that brought fear at the mention of his name.

This however is not discouraging his children from taking up after him. “We will keep the trade alive and we are not going to stop,” Jabulani who has been working with his father for decades said.

He however scoffed at suggestions that it was his sister Nyerai popularly known as ‘Owen’ who is based elsewhere was being groomed to take over.

“We will continue from where he was working from and continue with his legacy. I have been working with him for years and if he was alive l would have been doing this work with him,” Jabulani said appearing to suggest that he was the real apprentice.

But the doyen is gone and only time will tell if this dark art is one that could be taught to his children and apprentices or one that choses who to belong to and may be gone with Sekuru Ndunge.