Club Mandisa challenges tradition

Brian 'Eastern Igwee' Samaita

Staff Writer
MUTARE – With Zimbabwe’s economy now highly informal the fluidly structured working schedules of the populace are giving city centre entertainment joint – Club Mandisa greater freedom in organising music gigs.
Hosting weekly shows from as early and as odd as a Thursday night the club owner Boniface Nyamanhindi is introducing a new culture into the city’s generally serene night life.

Brian Samaita performing at Club Mandisa in Mutare on Friday
Brian Samaita and his Murondatsimba Express perform often at Club Mandisa

“We have a wide cast of clients and Thursdays are proving to be just as good a day for us as any other day traditional day for a show. Every Thursday music lovers come to check what we will be having,” Nyamanhindi said.
“Its service delivery for our clients.”
The music promoter said this was also allowing him to accommodate a wide range of artists into the weekend.
“We try to accommodate all music genres and we can have that diversity over the four days we have performances each week,” he said.
The joint has a reworked state-of-the-art stage that accommodates pole dancing, a full band complete with dancers and back-up singers.
“Work on the stage and entire club will be ongoing as we modernise and as we create more space that will allow us to host any local and regional artist,” he added.
Covering every nook and cranny with CCTV camera monitoring and active all night crowd profiling and monitoring the club has an impressive system to keep its patrons safe.
“We have cameras throughout the establishment which we use to keep our clients safe. So, if someone report a theft we will review the footage and establish what exactly transpired.
“We can’t have our patrons harassed by unruly elements,” Nyamanhindi said.
Recent shows attended by maDzimbahwe Explorer crew revealed a tight crowd profiling with some known pickpockets and violent elements previously captured on CCTV camera footage being turned away.
Revolutionising both partying days and crowd management the club hopes ultimately to allow both artists – upcoming and established to interact fully with their fans.
“People don’t need to always go to Harare to see their favourite artists,” he said.