Club 263 Mutare—the finest

Staff Writer

To understand a people – their general culture, aptitude and attitude towards life, theirs and that of strangers or rather visitors, their leisure spots will reveal all.

It is usually here that they will be themselves. Partying – particularly with a little gin and tonic, helps shed off all pretence and lies.

And for one really interested in understanding the life and people of Mutare there is no better place to be than Club 263 Mutare.

From the music they play and how they rub against each other and visitors – this upmarket entertainment joint allows its patrons to be themselves without being judged or censured.

The club has an opulent lounge that is expertly designed to allow private gatherings, meetings and parties in the same space.

This genius design and arrangement is perhaps expected as its parent company, Devine Assignments, is a past winner of the esteemed National Arts Merit Awards (Nama), and through its various subsidiaries has won numerous other accolades, especially in the tourism and hospitality sector.

From Harare’s old suburb of Mbare to hotel-based upmarket clubs like Connect — it has created everything for everyone.

Its trend setting clan of pleasure spots include, among others, Cecil Hotel, Club Connect, Archie’s, Club 263 Bulawayo, Club 263 Harare, Private Lounge Harare and Private Lounge Bulawayo, Holly’s Hotel, Super Label, City Sports Bar and Club Matute.

Situated opposite Megawatt Building where the now defunct Gulliver’s Nightclub was housed, Club 263 Mutare is strategically position to welcome and bid the wayfarer a pleasant goodbye.

Devine Assignments founder, a reputed show promoter and businessman, Biggie Chinoperekwei opened the club after local patrons who had been to his joints in the capital and City of Kings and Queens – Bulawayo, requested him to open something for them locally, he says.

“We would meet our patrons and fun lovers in Harare and Bulawayo who asked us to establish a joint in Mutare and we are happy that the dream was fulfilled,” Chinoperekwei said.

It defied many odds by opening, in 2017, at a time when others were folding – as if in anticipation of improved tourist inflows.

Resident disc jockey DJ Spy said the entertainment parlour has appeal to everyone in the eastern border city and anyone who wanted to understand it and its people would need to visit the club.

“If someone really needs to understand our people then they need to come in and join the fun. This is a place that allows them to forget all their worries and just be themselves,” he said.