Saturday, November 28, 2020


MaDzimbahwe Explorer is a tourism portal with informative, upbeat and inspirational articles about Zimbabwe not only for the benefit foreign nature lovers, thrill seekers and travelers but its citizenry. We hope to not tell the complete story of this beautiful, friendly and upwardly mobile southern African country by going beyond its world class natural endowments, mystic ancient cities, impressively diverse ecology and soothing climate to the story of its people – urbane and less so. This would naturally include its fashion, culinary talents, and distinct arts – visual and performance.

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Latest article

UMC eases Chimanimani’s double jeopardy

by BERNARD CHIKETO EDUCATION has suffered double jeopardy over two successive years in Chimanimani after Cyclone Idai disrupted learning early last year and Covid-19 forcing...

Eastern Highlands charms Madam Boss

by ANESU KUREBWASEKA SOCIALITE Madam Boss - Tyra Chikocho, has taken the lead in the drive to promote domestic tourism with a tour of the...

Zimbabwe’s touristy and cultural stone sculptures

by ANDREW MAMBONDIYANI WHEN David Chimuka, a veteran sculptor in Zimbabwe’s eastern border city of Mutare, ventured into stone carving about four decades ago, he...