Bar heavy vehicles on Vumba road – hotelier

By Norma Tsopo

Holiday destination Vumba’s access road is sagging and at risk of collapse if government fails to restrict its use by logging trucks, a top hotelier has said.

Leopard Rock Hotel owner Samir Shasha

Leopard Rock Hotel-owner Samir Shasha is calling for its inspection and urgent repair as some sections of the road have already collapsed in the landslide prone resort region.

With a lane to the top hotel collapsed, Shasha is wary of the highway also collapsing as it has visible cracks and sagging with each passing truck as ministry of transport engineers take forever to get to the ground for inspections.

“We are funding a stop to provide to provide information and assistance and prevent further damage. Yet we are not getting any response ten days after the cyclone from any of the Vumba officials responsible for the safety of their constituents,” Shasha said.

The region has been vulnerable to landslides that has seen the collapse of mountain roads across the eastern highlands after Cyclone Idai dumped record rains that made this the country’s worst natural disaster in recorded history.

Total collapse of the road will be a huge blow to tourism particularly with upper Vumba. Lower Vumba is in relatively better shape.

A birding hot spot – it has arguably the highest concentration of birds in the country, home to rare Simango monkeys, a diverse tropical rainforest vegetation and spectacular views, Vumba, also known as Bvumba Mountains, is an important holiday destination whose visitors’ safety need to be guaranteed.